Letter from the Secretary General;

Esteemed Participants,
With my greatest pleasure, I would like to welcome you all to the 2nd edition of MHALMUN as the Secretary General.We are pleased to welcome you to our school Muharrem Hasbi Anatolian High School.
With our experience from the previous conference, we will try to eliminate all of our shortcomings and give you the conference experience closest to you. In spite of all the difficulties, we are trying to make this conference perfect and we want to simulate the united nations in the best way.

And i want to mention it; The MHALMUN team has excellent teamwork. Our director general, Göktuğ YAŞAR, is directing the organization jobs perfect and he is working very hard. Our Deputy Director General, Hüseyin SERT, is very hardworking and he is doing almost everything about organization jobs. Our Deputy Secretary General, Tunahan TUNÇKANAT, is helping me on very difficult problems and jobs and sespite all the difficulties, he always support me.Our PR Team Members, Elif KÜÇÜKÇAKIR and SENA ÖZTÜRK, are helping us in public and human resources.Our Head of Adminisitive Staff,Ömer Faruk TAVUKÇU, He is helping us in logistic and adminisitive jobs. Our Academic Advisor,Gökçen KAZAR, She is helping me to organizate this conference and make ideas on my mind. Our Conference Manager,Eren TEKİN, he is one of the oldest members in our club and to be honestly he is my hero in my MUN carrer. And finally our precious Advisor, Rukiye EFENDİOĞLU, without her, it wouldn’t be a conference and maybe MHALMUN club. I appreciate that. And I want to mention our previous MHALMUN club members, without their great exertion, we are nothing. I want to thank you all for your great labors.

As the MHALMUN Team, we are sure about that this conference will make unforgettable and great memories . Our participants, I would like to welcome you all again to MHALMUN’20 conference and looking forward to meeting you all between March 6th to 8th in our school in Balıkesir, Turkey. 
We are ready for a new beginning and experience privilege. Are you?

Yours Truly,
Secretary General of MHALMUN 2020