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The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust and Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens, value the role of volunteers understanding that they are an integral part of the organisation. Over 800 community members volunteer to support this work of this historic and important government organisation. 

Both organisations are advocates of best practice in volunteer management, they respect the skills that volunteers have and the support they give to the Gardens and the greater community.

The Gardens volunteers assist with the scientific, horticultural and conservation work of the Gardens and promote the wonderful work of the staff through guided walks and onsite interpretation. Volunteers also enhance the visitor experience by providing information and orientation for visitors.

Foundation & Friends volunteers raise funds through a diverse range of programs, assist with visitor engagement and promote the work of the Gardens to its members. Proceeds raised by Foundation & Friends help to support scientific research, horticulture, conservation and education programs across the Gardens. To volunteer with Foundation & Friends you need to join as a member. Become a member today

Corporate Volunteers, through our major sponsors, work with Gardens’ staff on short term projects.

Hear from some of the volunteers here.

Volunteering Programs

Volunteer with The Trust

The Calyx Horticultural Display Centre Volunteer
The primary role is to offer excellence in customer service to visitors in The Calyx by providing a face-to-face opportunity for visitors to ask questions about the plants in the display. The Calyx Volunteer will promote the plant display and activities available for the visitor’s enjoyment. 
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Specimen Mounting Volunteers mount pressed and dried plant specimens onto archival board for the National Herbarium of NSW. Volunteers mount a wide range of plant families, from fragile orchids and lichens to bulky banksias. Approximately 80 per cent of the 1.1 million Herbarium collection is now mounted on archival paper. Attention to detail essential. 
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Specialist horticulturist 
Volunteers provide expert plant knowledge to assist staff in maintaining and curating plant collections such as; orchids and palms. We are currently seeking individuals with demonstrated expertise in Cacti and Succulents to apply. 
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Library Volunteers provide assistance to the Library staff by helping to shelve materials, covering and end-processing books, scanning, stocktaking journals and other smaller discrete projects. They also assist with archiving the Library’s photograph and ephemerae. Experience is very useful.
Currently no vacancies

Science: Plant pathology 
Plant Pathology volunteers assist in routine plant pathology laboratory work within the Plant Disease Diagnostic Unit (PDDU) and assist in laboratory/field/greenhouse work associated with research projects within the Plant Pathology Section.
Currently no vacancies

Scientific Field Work and Special Project
Volunteers assist Trust scientific staff with field work and special projects. Volunteers also assist with the compilation of information for research projects in systematics and ecology. 
Currently no vacancies

Volunteer Guides
Volunteer Guides provide visitors with general orientation and on-site interpretation, enhancing their experience with informative tours of the Garden. They cover topics of science, horticulture and site history in an engaging way. Guides also assist with other educational and administrative activities.Volunteer Guides generate goodwill and increase community support for the Gardens.
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Need More Information 
Contact our Volunteer Team to find out how you can help the vital work of the Botanic Gardens Greater Sydney. Email: Volunteer Programs  or call 9231 8317

Volunteer with Foundation & Friends

We love our volunteers! To apply to join over 340 passionate volunteers or find out more information please contact us.

Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens Ltd
Phone: (02) 9231 8182
Visit: Cottage 6, Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney NSW 2000. Office Hours: Monday to Thursday, 9am - 3pm.

Volunteer Caterers prepare and serve refreshments at many functions at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. 

Information booth
Volunteers provide information and assistance to visitors to The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. 

Volunteers assist with set up, display, hosting, sale assistants at Foundation & Friends exhibitions including Botanica and Artisans in the Gardens.

Volunteers oversee and run a variety of events, setting up equipment, introducing speakers and hosting attendees. 

Office administration
Administrative assistance is given in Foundation & Friends reception, data entry, membership, general office duties and packaging of items. 

Growing Friends - plant propagation and sales
Teams propagate plants at all three Gardens under the guidance of the Gardens horticulture staff. They sell their plants through a nursery and Visitor Centres in the Gardens, as well as at gardening and community shows and exhibitions. 
Currently no vacancies

Talking Friends
Talking Friends inform and educate the public about the work of Foundation & Friends and the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust.